Nederman NEX MD Extraction Arm

The Nederman NEX MD Extraction Arm is designed for operation alongside medium to heavy duty welding fume and welding dust applications, including hand plasma cutting, metal spraying, and grinding, and in particular contaminants that possess a higher temperature than what is standard. Contaminants may include heavy smoke, non explosive dusts, and vapours. Workplaces that will benefit include metal fabrication industries and industries that require extraction with large airflow.

The NEX MD Arm is available in four lengths ranging from 2 meters to 5 meters.  A low pressure drop and high airflow are provided  thanks to the inclusions of an external arm system and a hose 160 mm in diameter.  The Arm is suspended by a robust , 360 degree swivel and offers easy flexibility. Protection against dirt is ensured by a support mechanical which encapsulates the Arms. Different mounting options are available including various brackets, and exhaust rails.

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