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The OMF2500   

The Air Bench OMF2500 is a high capacity filter that can be attached to larger machine tools or to multiple units. The OMF2500 possesses and draws a nominal airflow of 2500m3/h and is able to support machine tools with open door areas of 4 m2.

The unit’s design too is compact, making it a highly versatile piece of equipment both when in operation and to store, taking up little space. A fully welded all steel body, the OMF2500 makes for a highly durable unit. Upon request, Air benches OMF units can be:

  •  Custom Colour scheme
  • Powder Coated


When a filter change is required, the OMF2500 allows for easy access:  Equipped with a clamping mechanism the filters are effectively held in place whilst removal and replacement takes place.

In regards to the filters themselves, Airbench supply several standard options to ensure the majority of coolant mist applications can be handled. Please call 01694 633533 to discuss what options are available and suit your individual needs and workplace requirements.

The  OMF2500 is also equipped  with a rotary insulator and run/trip indicator
lights to allow a user to see and analyse the units current run state. The inclusion if a pressure loss gauge also allows a user to successfully monitor the condition of the filters.

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The AirBench OMF2500 belongs to a series of self-contained coolant mist filters including the OMF500, OMF1000, OMF2500, and OMF4000.