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The OMF500

Self contained, versatile and easy to manoeuvre, Air bench’s OMF500 is a small mist cleaner designed to not only function as a stand alone unit, but to also attach to a majority of machine tools.

Due to its compact size, the OMF500 requires little space whilst in operation or in storage.


Changing the filter(s) is also a simple and easy process thanks to the easy access the OMF500’s design provides. This is achieved by means of a clamping mechanism that effectively holds the filters in place so that filters can be change quickly and efficiently.

Equipped with a a pressure loss gauge, the OMF500’s filters can be accurately monitored and the inclusion of a rotary insulator and run/trip indicator lights means this too can be monitored.

Air bench offer several standard filter options to best suit individual needs and to handle many coolant mist applications. including HEPA outlet filtration. In regards to power capacity and sizes available as well as available filterers, please contact us on 01604 635333 to discuss your personal needs and workplace requirements so that the best solution can be achieved.

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The AirBench OMF500 belongs to a series of self-contained coolant mist filters including the OMF500, OMF1000, OMF2500, and OMF4000.