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This range of downdraught benches uses an integrated air tank to clean its filters on demand using a blast of compressed air. These models are suitable for high dust generation applications such as stone masonry or fibreglass/GRP workshops.

The AirBench RP is designed specifically for the extraction of high volumes of non-explosive dusts. The inclusion of  a pulse cleaned filter system means that high quantities of dust can be efficiently and effectively extracted from the workplace as dust cake from each filter is removed in turn, then emptied into trays that can then be disposed of. Every RP unit is equipped with a pressure loss gauge to ensure the filter condition can be accurately monitored.



Beneficial features of RP series include an integrated workbench integrated into the dust extraction system itself, a pulse-cleaned filter system for work involving large quantities of dust, and various filter options to choose from. The RP range are available in three different sizes, possessing a construction of fully welded steel.


In regards to filter cleaning by means of compressed air and a pulse system, the operator can control said means of cleaning via a push button stop/start system. In addition the Air Bench RP can be supplied with centrally controlled or timed daisy chained systems. Another option available is speed control.

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