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  • Evotec’s series of LP ROBUSTO 400 Volt Robust Industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to efficiently extract all types of dry dust particles.

    Equipped with an integrated, silenced, and maintenance free turbine (side channel blower), cyclone separator, and vacuum gauge, Evotec’s series of robust industrial vacuum cleaners make for highly efficient well designed units. Suitable for three shift operation, all versions of the ROBUSTO are equipped with a durable polyester needle felt filter with PUR-membrane (dust class M), that ensure a longer period of operation.

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    Model : 1122-LP - 2115-LP - 2122-LP - 2130-LP - 2155-LP - 2175-LP
    Dust class & Upgrades : Dust class M (standard) - Dust class H - TRGS 519 certified - EX-Rated & TRGS 519 certified - Dust class H/ Asbestos & TRGS 519 certified
  • EP 1115/2115, EPS 2122, EPS 2130, EPS 2140 – The Super Silent 58 dB(A) Industrial vacuum cleaners – Evotec

    Evotec’s series of ‘Super Silent’ Industrial Vacuum cleaners not only ensure a high quality standard of dust removal (from coarse dirt to finer dusts) but does so with little disturbance due to the addition of an exemplary silenced turbine (side channel blower); producing a noise level range of only 56 to 63 dB(A) (at 2.2 kW).

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    Model : EPS 1115 - EPS 2122 - EPS 2130 - ESP 2140
    Type : Dust class M - Dust class M/Type 22 (Ex) - Dust class H - Dust class H/Type 22 (Ex)
    Longopac disposal : Yes - No