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  • Filtermist with over 40 years experience in providing oil mist extraction systems around the world, showcase their S series of oil mist collectors.

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  • UK manufacturer Filtermist International Ltd have, for over 40 years, experience in providing oil mist extraction systems around the world. The oil mist filters have been designed and marketed to satisfy the demands of the global manfuacturing industry and their generation FX and S series filter units still utilise the original centrifugal principles of the first units built in 1969, with the added benefit of improved efficiencies and performance.

  • The Filtermist S series includes three oil mist
    collector units with airflows ranging from 180m3/hr to 950m3/hr

    Energy Efficient Oil Mist Extraction

    Fitted with either 0.18kW or 0.55kW motors the oil mist filter units are low cost energy users.


    All oil mist filters have a number of accessories available including high-efficiency afterfilters to purify the exhaust air.

    Stainless Steel

    Filtermist FX and S series oil mist filters are available in standard mild steel construction and also stainless steel versions for use in hazardous or corrosive environments.