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  • Geovent offer a wide array of accessories for each series of extraction fan to further suit the needs of the customer. Whether to protect the fan against outside elements, or to achieve a different type of placement, Geovent make sure to meet a range of different requirements for different work environments.

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  • ASA-3

    The ASA-3 arm is equipped with a flexible hose, and consists of 5 friction joins that, in addition to a gas spring, contribute to the ASA arms easy maneuverability.

    The ASA-3 extraction arm is used for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust etc. The extraction arm consists of 5 friction joints, which make it very easy to move it into the desired position. The wall bracket for the ASA-3 arm is 180° turn able. The extraction funnel is manufactured in powder enamelled aluminium and is available in Ø 80 – Ø 100 – Ø 125 – and Ø 160 mm dimensions.

    ASA-3 arm = Hose

    The Geovent ASA-3 arm is available in lengths of 2.0 and 3.0 m, but by means of an extension arm the reach can be extended to a total of 7.0 metres. There’s no use crying about it. There’s an old man sitting on the throne there saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean.

    ASA- 4

    The ASA-4 extraction arm arrives with the inclusion of fitted aluminium pipes, and is equipped with three stables and two turning points.

    The arm has 3 stables and 2 turning points and is move able in all possible positions up to 180°. The hood is as standard covered in powder enamel yellow RAL 1007 in Ø 160 mm and Ø 200 mm. It is equipped with an integrated ergonomic handle.

    Each arm is available in lengths of 2.0 m, 3.0 m, and 4.0 m and with the addition of an extension arm the arm’s total length can be furthered to a length range of up to 8 m. (Although it is recommended that 4 metre ASA arms not be mounted on an extension arm).

    All ASA Arms are available in ATEX, which then is referred to as an ASX arm.

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  • Dust box CFU-1000

    Geovent’s CFU-1000 is designed to efficiently extract dust that is produced from activities such as grinding and welding (e.g. Smoke), it is well suited to perform high demanding but small scale filtration needs that none the less require a strong level of efficiency.

    The filter itself is of a compact size, manufactured from durable galvanised steel, and possesses a filter area that measures 10m2 that ensures a decreased workload upon the filter cartridge, contributing to a longer life of use as well as a lower pressure drop.

    To make cleaning, inspection, and filter change simpler processes, Geovent have designed the CFU to include a easily removable front so when the user needs to access the filter they can do so with little hassle. A fan can also be fitted to the top of the Dust box CFU-1000, increasing its versatility and making it an overall more accessible piece of equipment.

    Different versions are also available, each providing additional benefits such as automatic control or a type of compressed cleaning.

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  • The ESA arm, constructed out of extruded 6060 aluminium, possesses an external support arm that allows for easy positioning and low pressure drop. The inclusive joints themselves are manufactured from cast glass infused nylon and to ensure they are successfully supported the arm joints are equipped with gas springs.

    To further the arms durability and life of work, the hood is also manufactured out of aluminium, and in possession of a design intended to increase the maximum amount of extraction.

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  • GeoFilter Dust

    This particular filtration unit is designed to be successfully integrated into an already existing duct system. Manufactured out of galvanised steel the executed in epoxy enamel, the GeoFilter Dust makes for a highly durable filter.

    The GeoFilter Dust is arrives fitted with a retractable cassette with a built in brush system that effectively cleans the unit, and any dust collected can be effectively emptied via bin or bucket by means of a sliding damper.

    The standard version of the GeoFilter Dust is equipped with a EU3 surface filter; however, this can be upgraded to include a EU5 filter with a higher filtration rate of 95%.

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  • GeoFilter GF4

    For small concentrations of dust, the GF4 is the optimum dust filter, possessing a filtration rate of 99% and a maximum airflow rate of 4.000 m3.

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  • Industrial filter with compressed air cleaning …The GFB2 filter

    Well suited for use within most industrial workplaces, Geovent’s GFB2 dust filter is extremely proficient for the primary purpose it was designed for, that being to successfully filter air present when processes including welding, cutting, powder coating, and sanding are taking place. The standard version of the GFB2 is equipped with fitted cartridges FT/11.

    The standard version also arrives with an inbuilt cleaning system that operates via firing shots of compressed air.

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  • To successfully filtrate oil mists that are present in the work environment as a result from processes that may involve the use of CNC lathes, drilling and cutting machinery, Geovent offer a small range of filters of which are available in different versions to ensure various needs and requirements are met. For larger airflows Geovent’s oil mist filters, such as the GFO-315 filters can be successfully connected parallel.

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  • Like many of their products specializing in extraction, Geovent’s high vacuum Unit (HVU) brings great benefits to the workplace in all types of industry. Manufactured from the highest quality components and equipped with filter cartridges and filter cyclone, the HVU unit is the optimal solution when particles are in need of removal from processes like grinding that produce said waste, and need to be collected and disposed of safely and efficiently.

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  • To enhance safety and air quality within the workplace Geovent has successfully manufactured  additional accessories that further aid in the quest for a higher standard of ventilation and safety both inside and outside of the workplace.

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    Type : Hose Reel GTE - Hose Reel GTS - Hose Reel FB
    Length : 5m - 7m - 10m - 15m
    Diameter : 080 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 200
  • Possessing a filtration efficiency rate of 99% and a filter cyclone the HVU Lite is well suited for extraction required in work spaces where dust and grinding processes are taking place. The HVU Lite arrives equipped with a collection bucket capable of holding up to 18 litres, a 99.9% anti-static filter cartridge off 5m2, a start/stop control, and automatic cleaning.

    The HVU Lite can be in operation for up to 6 hours a day from 1 to 4 outlets. To different versions of the HVU Lite are available to purchase;

    • HVU Lite 55 STD – Includes an automatic stop/start control panel and vacuum protection for the side channel blower (overload protection).
    • HVU Lite 55 FRQ – equipped with a frequency inverter, vacuum protection for side channel blower, and a fully automatic pneumatic cleaning system including automatic start/stop.


    An ATEX version of the HVU Lite is also available to order. Please contact us directly on 01604 635 333 for more information or to place an order.


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