Service & Maintenance

Have you considered taking out a Service Contract? Breakdowns of your plant and equipment can cost you dearly and to guarantee the smooth operation of any item of plant, it is important to carry out routine maintenance to anticipate any issues that could cause this to happen.

McCarthy Environmental Ltd offer service contracts to suit you and at very competitive pricing, but if you are unsure you need one, here are some points to consider

Why do I need a Service Contract?

It is worth considering what would happen if your system failed:

  • What impact would it have on the business if we had a breakdown?
  • Would we need to shut down the production line or plant?
  • What would the cost implications be by shutting it down for a day or even just an hour

If you feel that any of the above points would cost you dearly, then it is worth taking out a service contract with McCarthy Environmental Ltd.

Our fully trained and highly qualified engineers can give you the peace of mind you need to keep your plant/systems running effectively, delivering a first class service to your equipment, thus ensuring that breakdowns will be far less likely.

If my system is COSHH Tested – do I need a Service Contract?

While a COSHH test can tell you what is wrong with a system, regular LEV servicing maintains the system so that it runs effectvely. Regular servicing will keep your sytem running effectively, so you dont have to worry.

A McCarthy Environmental Service Contract gives you the following:

  • Cost Effective Maintenance – McCarthy Environmental can plan your maintenance schedule and manage the service to fit with your production schedules. Servicing units on a regular basis reduces the likelihood of system failures and ensures your workplace environment is kept compliant.
  • A Single Source of Supply – McCarthy Environmental can provide service & spares for mostLEV equipment.
  • Specialist Technical Advice – McCarthy Environmental will monitor the condition of your extraction units and report on any issues that could affect the ongoing performance, offering solutions and alternatives if required.
  • Comprehensive Services Reports – McCarthy Environmental will provide you with easy to read electronic or hard copy reports detailing equipment condition.

To enquire for a service contract or find out more about how we can help you Please call 01604 635333 or email us at