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  • Geovent offer a wide array of accessories for each series of extraction fan to further suit the needs of the customer. Whether to protect the fan against outside elements, or to achieve a different type of placement, Geovent make sure to meet a range of different requirements for different work environments.

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  • ASA-3

    The ASA-3 arm is equipped with a flexible hose, and consists of 5 friction joins that, in addition to a gas spring, contribute to the ASA arms easy maneuverability.

    The ASA-3 extraction arm is used for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust etc. The extraction arm consists of 5 friction joints, which make it very easy to move it into the desired position. The wall bracket for the ASA-3 arm is 180° turn able. The extraction funnel is manufactured in powder enamelled aluminium and is available in Ø 80 – Ø 100 – Ø 125 – and Ø 160 mm dimensions.

    ASA-3 arm = Hose

    The Geovent ASA-3 arm is available in lengths of 2.0 and 3.0 m, but by means of an extension arm the reach can be extended to a total of 7.0 metres. There’s no use crying about it. There’s an old man sitting on the throne there saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean.

    ASA- 4

    The ASA-4 extraction arm arrives with the inclusion of fitted aluminium pipes, and is equipped with three stables and two turning points.

    The arm has 3 stables and 2 turning points and is move able in all possible positions up to 180°. The hood is as standard covered in powder enamel yellow RAL 1007 in Ø 160 mm and Ø 200 mm. It is equipped with an integrated ergonomic handle.

    Each arm is available in lengths of 2.0 m, 3.0 m, and 4.0 m and with the addition of an extension arm the arm’s total length can be furthered to a length range of up to 8 m. (Although it is recommended that 4 metre ASA arms not be mounted on an extension arm).

    All ASA Arms are available in ATEX, which then is referred to as an ASX arm.

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  • Evotec offer a range of accessories, including different disposal options that are tailored to suit an individuals personal requirements.

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    Plastic disposal bag, antistatic ESD : 25/35-l-container - 60-l-container - 100-l-container
    Longopac - bag : ESD-Quality - Extra sturdy quality (not ESD)
    Spark trap : connections Ø 80 mm - connections Ø 150 mm
    Spark trap with metal kit insert : Ø 80 mm - Ø 100 mm - Ø 150 mm
    Bypass for standard disposal bags : Yes
  • Dust box CFU-1000

    Geovent’s CFU-1000 is designed to efficiently extract dust that is produced from activities such as grinding and welding (e.g. Smoke), it is well suited to perform high demanding but small scale filtration needs that none the less require a strong level of efficiency.

    The filter itself is of a compact size, manufactured from durable galvanised steel, and possesses a filter area that measures 10m2 that ensures a decreased workload upon the filter cartridge, contributing to a longer life of use as well as a lower pressure drop.

    To make cleaning, inspection, and filter change simpler processes, Geovent have designed the CFU to include a easily removable front so when the user needs to access the filter they can do so with little hassle. A fan can also be fitted to the top of the Dust box CFU-1000, increasing its versatility and making it an overall more accessible piece of equipment.

    Different versions are also available, each providing additional benefits such as automatic control or a type of compressed cleaning.

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  • The EP 1036 is specially designed to work with both wet and dry material, whereas the EP 1024 deals solely with liquids, offering continued suction and simultaneous transfer. Both models are of compact, modular construction, making them particularly suitable for smaller working environments.

    Model : EP 1036 - EP 1024 Pump
  • A series of high performance industrial vacuum cleaners specially designed to efficiently extract all types of dry dust ranging from coarser matter to fine types of dust.

    Model : EP 1115 - EP 2115 - EP 2122-35
    Type : Dust class M - Dust class M/Type 22 (Ex) - Dust class H - Dust class H/Type 22 (Ex) - Dust class H/Asbestos
  • This particular series of powerful industrial vacuum units designed for the optimal suction and separate disposal of solid material, emulsions, and swarf and liquids.  Depending on a selection of power output (3000 – 5500 watt) there are four versions to choose from.

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    Model : EP 1236 - EP 2230 - EP 2240 - EP 2255
  • EP 1415, EP 2415, EP 2422 – Integrated suction devices – Evotec

    These small, compact units are well suited for vacuuming and the filtration of residual dusts. With a choice of three different voltages and ranging from 1.500 to 2.200 watts, the EP 1415, EP 2415, and the EP 2422 can be operated for nearly all operational purposes in industry and craft.

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    Model : EP 1415 - EP 2415 - EP 2422
  • Evotec’s series of robust, versatile industrial vacuum cleaners possess the optimal design for the extraction and pre-separation of all dry dust types including coarse dirt and finer types of dust.

    Available in versions: 

    • Dust class M
    • Dust class M/Type 22 (Ex)
    • Dust class H
    • Dust class H/Type 22 (Ex)


    Model : EP 2122 ECO - EP 2130 ECO
    Type : Dust class M - Dust class M/Type 22 (Ex) - Dust class H - Dust class H/Type 22 (Ex)
  •  EP 2122 ECO-WB – Liquid bath vacuum cleaners (400 Volt) –  Evotec

    Specifically designed for the suction and extraction of explosive, matured metal powder and dusts, the EP 2122 ECO-WB is a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with a liquid bath-separator to ensure secure suction of explosive metal dusts and powders like aluminium and copper.

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    Type : Dust class H/Type 22 (Ex)
    Drain hose : Yes - No
    Stainless Steel demister : Yes - No
    Dust class H (H14) Absolute cartridge filter : Yes - No
    Filter cartridge M : Yes - No