Looking for Spares? See what McCarthy Environmental have to offer…

Replacement Filters

The filter is the heart of any extractor, a split, worn or poorly fitted filter will result in dust bypass, defeating the reason for fitting a filter. A blinded filter will result in a reduction of airflow and poor control of the released substances. McCarthy Environmental Ltd are able to supply filter bags, socks, cartridges, panel filters and filters for a wide range of extraction units.

Filter Cleaning

The cleaning system in the extraction unit is just as important as the filter media itself. Without the cleaning system working correctly the filter will prematurely blind leading to a reduction in airflow and poor control of the released substances. McCarthy Environmental Ltd are able to supply a vast range of spares for shaker, reverse air and pulse jet cleaning systems.


McCarthy Environmental Ltd  can supply a wide range of spares for most extraction units, including replacement collection bins, hopper seals, door seal and filter cages, all at competitive pricing.

  • Air flow indicators/Hood Positioning Devices
  • Flexible ducting for Fume, Dust, Chip & Swarf Extraction
  • Filters
  • Multi Pocket Bags
  • Cartridges
  • HEPA
  • All spares and consumable parts for ESTA equipment

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