Techni-Grind Machining (TGM) Ltd; Case Study

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McCarthy Environmental were proud to support Techni-Grind Machining (TGM) Ltd in providing an extraction solution to control oil mist from three of their large MAZAK CNC vertical machining centres.

Their objective was to install efficient systems that would provide effective control and filtration of oil and emulsion mists which arise when using cooling lubricants for machining processes, alongside a brief for minimal maintenance requirements.

Oil mist arising from metalworking and machining operations can cause a variety of irritations and conditions. Workers who are exposed to oil mists and aerosols are at risk of developing skin disorders, such as dermatitis, or respiratory problems, such as occupational asthma, bronchitis, irritation of the upper respiratory tract, breathing difficulties or even a rarer lung disease known as extrinsic allergic alveolitis (EAA).

After reviewing options, the company purchased three ESTA OILMAC 3000 oil mist separator units along with an ESTA Filtower-L stand alone oil mist filtration unit.

As an alternative to centrifugal impaction units, the ESTA OILMAC, as a mechanical filter unit, is a powerful oil mist separator with a three-stage filtration system, including HEPA filters.

The unit design allows for tool free access without the need for specialist service engineers, making maintenance and filter cleaning or filter changes quick and easy without the need for specialist tools or training, saving time and money on servicing and maintenance costs.

Additional benefits can also be gained from implementing effective controls for oil and emulsion mists. The general environment becomes cleaner, resulting in reduced repair and maintenance requirements on plant, equipment and buildings.

To complement the ESTA OILMAC oil mist separators, the company also considered the potential risk of contamination to employees within the immediate working environment, through condensation of vaporised cooling lubricant on warm surfaces, for example, warm components stored in the open may pollute ambient air with emissions.

All surfaces coated with cooling lubricants could be considered as a source of evaporating oil mist emission. The warmer the surface, the greater the risk of contamination, which increases the risk to employees within the immediate environment.

The ESTA FILTOWER-L is a stand-alone, plug and play ventilation system for the supplementary filtration of oil mist and aerosols arising from metalworking and machining operations. These are used to compliment LEV systems to improve the internal environment

McCarthy Environmental Ltd specialise in extraction and Local Exhaust Ventilation systems to control harmful substances and fumes within engineering, manufacturing and industrial operations.

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