Unusual Rigging Ltd Case Study by McCarthy Environmental

Unusual Rigging; A Case Study

ESTA COMPASOG SR – High Vacuum On-Torch Welding Fume & Dust Central Extraction System

The recent reclassification of mild steel welding fume as a Group 1 carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC) has made many businesses change their view on welders’ respiratory protection. In response, the HSE issued a change in enforcement expectations and legislation relating to control of exposure to mild steel welding fumes; read more here.

Following these changes, we were approached by Unusual Rigging Ltd to design and implement a new central extraction system which would provide efficient control of both fumes from their MIG welding operations alongside grinding dust from finishing work.

Due to the nature of their project based operations, requirements were for a fixed central system with multiple extraction points which would allow for flexibility in use to support the varying sizes of project fabrication work.

The ESTA COMPASOG SR system satisfied these requirements, as a compact central system providing for both direct on-torch extraction of welding fumes and on-tool extraction for grinding dusts. Each extraction unit was connected via a duct system to control up to three twin extraction points per unit.

The ESTA COMPASOG SR houses a two-stage filter system, comprising integrated cyclone pre-separator and main permanent filter cartridge, complete with automatic sensor driven pulse jet filter cleaning mechanism. Three high performance motors offer 1.8kW each, delivering up to 980m3/h air volume and a maximum negative pressure of 22000Pa.

The COMPASOG SR is a plug and play unit and comes complete with integrated control gear and volt free contact for automatic starting. HXLW couplings are fitted with a micro switch for remote auto starting of the system and allows for continuous operation when equipment is connected.

ESTA COMPASOG SR system installed by McCarthy Environmental
The Esta Compasog SR System, plug and play implemented by McCarthy Environmental

Demonstrating with Extraction Off and On

The fume cloud pictured in the first image rises past the welder’s breathing zone. This is controlled and captured by the on-torch extraction, as pictured in the second image: 

Unusual Rigging Ltd Case Study Extraction OFF

Extraction OFF

Unusual Rigging Ltd Case Study Extraction ON

Extraction ON

Lizzie Richmond, Operations Manager at Unusual Rigging Ltd commented:

“We were looking for a specialist to provide a solution for our extraction requirements. McCarthy Environmental Ltd have supported us from the outset, recommending, designing and installing a suitable system that would provide control of welding fumes and dust to protect our fabrication team.

The installation is great and it has been refreshing to work with a partner that genuinely has our best interest and needs at their forefront. We look forward to the continued development of our relationship.” 

The ESTA COMPASOG is a versatile high performance, high vacuum extraction system. Its compact and user friendly design can be adapted for use with welding fumes, metal dust, plastic dust, paper dust and mineral dust. 

Compasog ST Illustration for the Unusual Rigging Case Study by McCarthy Environmental

To view a summary of solutions and risks relating to exposure to mild steel welding fume, please click here.

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