Nederman NEX S Extraction Arms

The Nederman NEX S Extraction arm is highly suited for workplaces that work with and contain potentially explosive dusts and gases and industries where a high level of hygiene is a must. The NEX S Arms possess a  double-earthed system and feature an antistatic earthed ventilation hose which in turn stops any static electricity and sparks from being produced.

The NEX S is particular recommended for operation in explosive environments, zone 1/21, 2/22.

The Nederman NEX S Extraction Arm is simple and easy to maintain thanks to an open support arm system and acid proof stainless steel (polished) hood. It is highly flexible and able to offer a user maneuverability is all directions. The polyester/polyurethane hose can be easily removed to allow easy reach when cleaning.

Accessories are available to order including a ventilation hose suitable or chemical applications. For more information on this product and lengths available please don't hesitate to contact us on 01604 635333.

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