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The heavy duty AirBench FPW and FPT ranges comprise of 2 downdraught benches specifically designed for welding and grinding applications. Two versions are available; the FPW and the FPT. Both versions possess the optimum design to efficiently and effectively be used for grinding and welding applications. Through the use of a spark trap layout and a three stage filter system the FPW and FPT range can successfully capture hot materials whilst protected from any subsequent sparks. The FPT also offers integral leg space for seated working. Due to the inclusion of a pressure loss gauge, the operator can efficiently and effectively monitor the conditions of the filter(s).



Comprised of a fully welded steel construct, access to pre-filters though the perforated top is made easy allowing for quick filter places and maintenance when necessary to take place. The FPW range are readily equipped with a built in ventilated area of 1200/1800mm x 600mm nominal, allowing users to effectively utilize the entirety of the bench top to extract.

In regards to the bench top’s controls; numerable options are available to chose from including; a simple on and off switch on a single unit, a timed run, or alternatively a centrally controlled daisy chained system to link multiple systems together.








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